Saturday, October 13, 2007

fall is in the air

October is one of my favorite months of the year. In Oregon, t is apparent by October that fall is here. Nothing makes me feel quite as satisfied as a sunny, crisp fall day.
I have been baking-a lot. Chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, chicken pot pie, snicker doodles, coffee cake, you name it. This must be my body preparing itself for the impending winter. I’m quite sure that I have enough storage to make it through the cold, but my brain doesn’t seem to know that. So I continue to bake, and probably will do so until I see a shocking jump on the scale, at which point I will feel the urge to join one of those weight support groups. Ha!
Every October, we visit the pumpkin patch. I suppose not everyone has pumpkin patches near them, but they must cart pumpkins in on trucks and stack them somewhere for the kiddos to enjoy.
We get our pumpkin joy at a place called E.Z. Orchards, which has a nice small petting zoo, a corn maze, various plywood painted things with cutouts for your face(i.e pigs and cowgirls), and of course lots of pumpkins. Last year, Ava was barely able to hold a pumpkin, but this year she picked out her very own tiny pumpkins. It was so much fun watching her tromp through the corn maze and pumpkin fields with her blue and red cherry rain-boots on.
Soon I will be hit with the realization the the winter holidays are coming, and winter crafting will commence. Until then, I will continue to prepare for Halloween and stay strong on my baking spree.

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Felicia said...

I agree October is the best! Can't wait for the leaves to start turning :)