Thursday, August 2, 2007

there's no place like home

In case anyone has noticed, I have been gone for a couple of weeks. Andy had a ten day vacation, and this year we decided to take advantage of every day. We started by traveling(driving) to the southern coast of Oregon. Andy and I had never been past the central coast so it was a new world to us. It was so beautiful and different from the scenery up north. On the way, we stopped off to take some photos of a lighthouse. We got a couple of really nice shots, despite being on a windy bluff with no tripod.

We camped just outside of a town that is right on the border of California. The campground we stayed in was nice, but a little too nice for our more rugged camping style. It had showers, running water, a playground, daily movies and nature walks, a Laundromat, wireless internet, cable for Rvs, and even an evening ice/ice cream truck! It was almost to much for Andy to handle. I think having all of these amenities sort of cramped his manhood(even though we didn’t use and but the water and shower)!

After we has set up camp, we drove down the coast to find a good spot to play in the sand. Apparently our campground is host to Oregon’s largest off coast island, which is also a seabird sanctuary. So, there were a ton of people on the beach near our camp. We drove over the border(a first for Andy and Ava) and found a nice little county park. We toted Ava and her beach toys down to the warm sand. The weather was perfect-mid eighties, and the water was so warm. It was an amazing afternoon!

The next day after a delicious breakfast of diced ham and eggs on a croissant(from a local cafĂ©), we headed down to the redwoods. We took a short drive and hike through an old growth redwood forest. The trees made Andy look tiny (he’s 6'4") and photos make our car look very out of proportion. Andy had never seen anything like these amazing beauties, and was in complete awe. It’s really difficult to get a feeling for how massive they are until you are standing on the forest floor beneath them.

We spent the next few days enjoying the coast, and driving north toward home. Along the way, we bought a kite because I found out my poor husband had never flown one! After spending a few hours with the kite, I’m quite sure he should go pro.

We rolled back into town and spent the night relaxing. The next night, we went to see George Clinton and P-Funk right here in our quaint town. We had a blast, and I feel privileged to have seen the King of Funk.

Friday we headed over to Bend for the weekend. We drove around looking at houses, went fly fishing, and took Ava to lots of good parks(which we are lacking in our town). By the time we got home, we both looked at each other and expressed our feelings that we not travel for a while. Our trips were excellent, Ava did so well during all of the hours in the car, but we’re so glad to be home.

It’s true.... “There’s no place like home” Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz


pinklemonadelisa said...

Beautiful pictures, i love your triangle bags, they are so cool!

Hello from Chelsea said...

Thanks so much! I love your site as well. Thanks you for making a comment on my blog!